WFree was built with the idea to provide powerful services to help companies and people worldwide on deploying their web neccessities.

We are a long-time supporters of Open Source solutions and we want to be seen as a channel of live deployments for the vast and great community of open software developers. Our goal is to provide the software as a service and always offer one free solution for each service.  This free solution should be enough for the great majority of users.
For those who need to go one step ahead, we will charge for these additional resources, and by doing so, we will be able to pay for the costs of the platform and keep on improving and creating new services.
We want to bring the best of Open Source solutions to our customers, so they can enjoy and have great creativity of the developpers and empower the free will. We are at the beggining of our journey. We spent a long time developping our platform. Now we are up and running and we will add new services gradually.
Do you know a software that you think would be a great service ?
Bring the idea to us and let´s enjoy doing it together !
We need all the help you can give to us.
We are a small team, but with a big project in mind. We want you to be part of it !