WFree is an initiative from Ricardo Auada.

Born in Brazil in the late 60´s and has always been an affictionate by technology since his early years. In the middle 80´s started messing up with 8 bits computers like synclair, TRS-80 and Apple II. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering and specialized in Computational Fluid Dynamics in the 90´s.
In January 1996 started his first entrepreneurship in the Internet area, launching a BBS, called Solve BBS. Then soon, started to provide Internet access through dial up lines and email services.
In 2003 founded Webcenter ( and from then on works with web hosting, email services and cloud computng. This is his new project and he is fascinated with the idea to expand his horizons and share his experience with others.
There is a great team that followed together with him all these last 15 years, and they are all experienced profissionals.

Join us is this new initiative !